What is Digital 02?

Digital 02 is a digital distribution company for a small group of artists who are filmmakers, actors, special effects artists, writers, and set designers producing medical experimental films for 911Bio-Med, Bizarre-Med, and Chlorosthesia.

Digital 02 digital distribution means nothing is sent in the mail (DVDs/CDs) it’s all downloadable links stored on your account page and there for your convenience permanently! Digital 02 prides itself on our customer service and we are here for your every need any hour of the day. Digital 02 can assure that all films hosted are staged and are not real. These films although realistic looking are a theatrical performance by paid actors with a special fx team, stunt team, and film crew held under contract by Digital 02. Digital 02 does not condone or represent any form of vulgar content or sexually explicit material on our website. Digital 02 has been delivering original content to may fans around the world for well over ten years, from Indi film enthusiasts and bizarre art lovers to anti drug campaigns and training films for medical professionals. Digital 02 delivers an artistic style of film making only found here.