Custom films are always available from all of our providers here at Digital 02!

Simply get your idea down on paper in script form or a rough outline and email us at From there we will get in touch with the provider of your choice and get a quote for you on making your films come to life!

Customs rage $300.00 and up. Different FX, locations, and actors will increase the price. Each custom is priced according to the script. The providers will follow your ideas line by line and they will add where they need to. Payment must be made before shoot days are scheduled and locked. This is to ensure that the actors are paid in full. All customs will be sold on Digital 02 as normal updates to the public. When your custom is done it will be manually uploaded to your profile. There are no refunds on a custom film so make sure your script is detailed and is exactly what you want.

Trailers of previously made customs are listed below.

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