Q – What shows up on my billing statement?
A – Digital02

Q – Do I need to make an account with Digital02?
A – Yes. All customers must make an account and complete the account confirmation email before the first order will go through. Please make sure all information matches exactly with the card because the transaction will be declined.

Q – Where is my download link?
A – All links and products are stored on your account page after transactions have been processed. Just log in to your account at the top right and your links will be there once processing is complete. Be sure to check your email too as we do send notification of a completed transaction.

Q – How long does processing take till I can get my product?
A – It usually takes just a little bit of time but that can vary between hours of operation and banking hours. When outside operation hours, within a 12 hour time period is safe to say.

Q – How do I get a refund?
A – All sales are final on Digital 02 but as long as there are no hits on the download counter Digital02 will honer a refund. If you are having trouble downloading just contact us and we will get you your products 100%!

Q – Can I share my password or files with friends and family?
A – No! Password sharing, file sharing, and re posting of any material is strictly prohibited on DO2 and can be a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Q – Why can’t I log in with my user name and password from the old site?
A – This is a whole new database so you will have to make a new account.

Q – I lost my password and need a new one but the password reset does not work.
A – Please write us at contactdigital02@gmail.com and let us know what you want it changed to.

Q – Do I get anything in the mail?
A – No we never send anything to your address on file unless you request a data disk.

Q – How long does a download link last?
A – Downloadable links are permanent on your account.

Q – what if my credit card does not work on Digital 02?
A – You may want to contact your credit card provider first thing. If that has no resolve just sign up for a pay pal account and write into the help desk at contactdigital02@gmail.com. Let them know what films you would like and they will send payment information to you.

Q – What kind of file did I just download from Digital02?
A – When you buy from Digital 02 you buy the link for your film to download that posts to your account once the order is marked complete. Once the link is on your account It is up to you to download it, un-zip it, and save it.
When you download the link you get a ZIP file or a RAR file. These are compressed files that contain the films, the trailers, the pictures etc… You need to open the compressed file and copy the content to your hard drive.

Q – How do I open the ZIP or RAR file I just downloaded?
A – Most versions of windows will be loaded with a compressed file program (windows explorer). Just double click the file and it will open! Then drag the file over to your desktop and your ready to go. If you don’t have a program installed try visiting a site like www.7-zip.org, we use the 32 bit version here, or try looking up any free ZIP or RAR program online. These programs are made to open compressed files! Once installed you can right click the RAR or ZIP file, choose the program and open the compressed file. MAC users just visit the app store and search RAR or ZIP. There are many free programs to choose from.

Q – My films will not play what can I do?
A – After opening the compressed file and copying the content to your hard drive, try using the most recent version of VLC – http://www.videolan.org/index.html If that does not work try updating your graphics card. If that does not work make sure you graphics card can handle HD video. Older PCs may glitch because the card cant handle the film.

Q – There are no slow motion vids in the new films why?
A – VLC and most players have a slow mo feature. When using VLC use keys [ and ].

Q – What are your social media links so I can follow Digital02 and get updates?
A – There are a few ways to get updates now and more are coming soon. We also have the extreme site too. Links are listed below.







02VR Important Info and Tips!

02VR is a  one of a kind immersive experience but there are a few things you should know before you buy these products:


  • File size of a VR film is much larger than our other films. All film files are tested and are in proper working order. Please be sure your connection speed and equipment you are using are able to handle these downloads before moving forward. If you are timing out on the download you can try at an off peak hour and make sure you refer to the FAQ section on downloading. Not saying it would not work but we do not recommend downloading these on a phone. Please remember all sales are final with our products.


  • When you download the ZIP file you will get the trailer and a VR-360 file for your order. This file can be played on the latest VLC player just fine. You can zoom in and out and move the view all around. This file can also be uploaded to your VR headset or viewed on your headset from your computer. It is up to you to know how to upload and view it in this manner or if your headset is capable of doing so. But it will be well worth your time learning this process. 


  • Special courtesy links to VR films are available to customers that buy these products. You are required to have a Google account and a Gmail address for these Links. These are private links hosted on our YouTube VR page. That being said, there is no guarantee these links will be permanent or available for the long run. This is just a courtesy feature we wanted to offer our customers for easy viewing access. Please write in with a gmail account, DO2 username, and receipt of your purchase if you would like a courtesy link granted to you. Always save your receipts too!


  • If you don’t have a VR headset not to worry! You can always watch these films on the VLC player. But you can also get the immersive experience with a less expensive headset and your phone! These work best with our courtesy links in YouTube VR. Again, there is no guarantee these links will be permanent. But there may be other ways to view these on a phone headset as well. It’s a true learning experience with this and worth every second of your time to do so! 


  • One thing to remember when choosing a headset is your FOV or field of view. The Oculus Rift has a fixed field of view at 90 degrees and sells for around $300.00. The Pimax Vision 8K X has an FOV of 200 degrees but sells upwards of $1200.00 and there are many more in between. For a more simple one for use with a phone we tried a few here and can say the BOBOVR Z4 on Amazon that sells for $40.00 and has an FOV of 120 degrees is pretty good but again there are many more of these out there as well. Basically the higher the FOV the more like human vision, the more you can see, the more you are immersed in the scene!

Extra tips on downloading if you are having trouble.

Try downloading one at a time.
Make sure the download has downloaded completely and is saved to your hard drive before you try and open it.
Try not to surf the web to much during the download.
Dont download multiple things off of other sites at the same time.
Try downloading on an off peek hour.

Make sure you try and download from a wired connection. Cable or Fiber Optic is recommended. Try not to download from a wireless device. Also these downloads should be downloaded on a PC first then transferred to your other devices. Phone, tablet, I-pod, flash drive, ect.

Once you buy a film make sure you make an account upon check out. This will allow you to download your zip or rar file when you want to. Once you download the file you must unzip it using a zip program like 7-zip or Win RAR. When the file un zips then copy all of the content to a folder on your hard drive!

If you have tried everything and still can’t download or open your rar or zip file because it is corrupt it is most likely your internet connection dropping out. This could be do to many things. But no worries Digital 02 will be happy to get your films to you through an external link or send you a data disk by mail upon your request.

If you are still having trouble write us here with your order number – contactdigital02@gmail.com.