Every Dog Has its Day pEvery Dog Has its Day p

Every Dog has its Day


Every Dog has its Day
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Run time 59min

Kirsten and Tony have a dangerous practice and big plans for there night when they get home. Kirsten returns home from work early and starts alone. This sends Tony into a pleasant romantic mind set. After one to many flips of the switch Kirsten goes into full cardiac arrest. Tony calls 911 and begins mouth to mouth on his motionless wife. The county police arrive shortly after and continue the efforts. They hit her with the AED several times to no avail. Paramedics then arrive and take over while the one police officer questions Tony. The paramedics fight to save her life with drugs, CPR, and defibrillations. But Kirsten is to far gone to save. Based on a true story.

Every Dog has its Day

every dog trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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