Jordana’s Arrest


Title – Jordana’s Arrest

Price – $19.99

Discription: 105 pics – Run time – 35min.

Jordana is in the ER for a resus display from all angles. As she is hit with the defib her body fly’s into the air with huge jumps. The nurse applies CPR and bagging trying to get a pulse. Then she is on oxygen having her BP taken over and over. Then she is under the black mask counting backwards as she goes under. Finally she is tubed and back under resus with heavy defibs.

Focused topics – Jordana, Cardiac patient, no outcome, CPR, Defibrillation, Electrodes, 12 Lead, Oxygen Mask, Nasal Cannula, ET Tube, BVM, Exam, BP & Steth, Ventilator, IV & Injection, ER

Jordana's Arrest

jordanas arrest film trailer from john doe on Vimeo.


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