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See You Saturday


See You Saturday
146 pics
Run time 44min

Becky and Melanie meet each other in the message boards and make a date to have a little fun. Becky arrives and finally meets a timid Melanie for the first time. They talk for a bit about why they are into resus then quickly move into their role-play. Melanie is hooked up to oxygen and her blood pressure and heart rhythm is checked numerous times. Becky then starts deep CPR and forceful mouth to mouth on her. They RP for a while then add in the AED trainer Becky just acquired. The RP stops suddenly when Melanie wants a real shock from a live defibrillator. Becky brings in a Lifepak 5 and gives Melanie a light shock. Everything seems fine until Melanie wants another jolt. But she does not know that Becky has a dark past.

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