Deadly Interest 4


Deadly Interest 4
Pics 66
Runtime 35min

Abby goes all out in this unforgettable 4th installment of deadly interest. She wakes up as the monitors beep steadily. She looks around and fixes her eyes on the defib. She pours massive amounts of gel onto her chest. She is charged and ready to experiment with the paddles! Abby shocks herself at low settings making the monitors beep faster and faster as her fascination grows until the charge is too much and she sends herself into v-fib. She starts self resus using CPR and bagging keep her going until the heart starts again. But the curiosity of the defib paddles takes over. The gel is poured on heaver and the paddles are charged higher for her second session of defibs all over her body.

Deadly Interest 4

deadly interest 4 trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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