electro bed Pelectro bed P

Electro Bed


Electro Bed
Pics 72
Runtime 30min

Ivy is in the infirmary and is given oxygen while the nurse preps her for this highly bizarre procedure. Ten electrodes are attached to strategic spots and a double AED is placed on her chest. The bed is then sealed and vacuumed so Ivy is locked in tight for the experiment. The nurse hits the simulator and her body becomes tense as the jolts run through her at a steady rate. The nurse then closes down the infirmary and leaves Ivy in the electro bed. After some time passes the alarms sound. Ivy is now in a full arrest. The nurse begins CPR and bags her there the port of the bed. She finally restores a rhythm but the procedure continues at a greater rate until another arrest occurs. The nurse fights to get a pulse back and moves to a drastic approach using the double AED, electrodes, and the paddles all at once to bring her test subject back.

Electro Bed

electro bed trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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