blue Pblue P



Pics 121
Runtime 39min

In this Resident Evil based custom film detective Erin Hoffman cuts a deal with a contact for a serum that she will be greatly compensated for. She meets her contact at an abandoned facility only to find herself captured and sedated in a medical room. From here the contacts clam her, administer an ECT treatment, and give her the blue truth serum to find out as much information as to where the rest of the vials are located. Once the information is gathered Erin suffers an arrest and the contacts must keep her with them to continue the experiment. They start CPR and defib her getting a pulse back. Once she is stable the study continues when they hook up many tubes circulating fluids through her to see what the serum has done. Erin begins to shake as the fluid passes through causing another arrest and the contacts continue to work on her not knowing what is in store for them.


blue trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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