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Fit Test – Macey


Fit Test – Macey
Pics 180
Runtime 40min

Macey has her vitals taken, removes her top, has electrodes stuck to her chest, and is given oxygen as she is prepped for an intense physical fit test. The lab techs get her on the weight bench and give oxygen as she works out. Then they attach the respirator and put her on the elliptical. Once she is done with that test they give oxygen to bring her levels up. Macey is exhausted but needs to finish the test before she cools down. They then put her on the treadmill and Macey begins to run. Her heart races, her BP sky rockets, and her breathing become more labored as Macy begins to have signs of having a cardiac arrest that was not in her previous medical history.

Fit Test - Macey

fit test macey trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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