lockdown part 1 Plockdown part 1 P

Lockdown Part 1


Lockdown Part 1
Pics 125
Runtime 25min

A quiet day in the ER turns into tragedy when a random walk-in arrives in the waiting room. Erin Hoffman drove herself to the ER with symptoms of asthma. As Maggie checks her in, Erin begins to get worse. Maggie helps her into a wheelchair and administers oxygen. When Maggie continues to check her in she begins to feel the same symptoms but they get much more aggressive on her. When she is found there are no vitals and Erin is seizing in the wheelchair. Immediately they call for a lockdown, get into full infection gear, try to find out what happened, and fight to save the life of Erin Hoffman.

Lockdown Part 1 Trailer

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