phase 3 Pphase 3 P

Phase 3


Phase 3
Pics 97
Runtime 29min

Anna is in the ER and not sure how she got there. She seems to be very confused and concerned. Her nurse relaxes her and ensures that she is in good hands. An injection is administered causing her breathing to become rapid and labored. The nurse gets her on more oxygen and then needs to bag her to help her through this first phase. But a full respiratory arrest ensues and the patient is resuscitated ready for the next step. A ventilator mask is then attached to the still confused patient and more injections follow. She breathes rapidly again until another arrest occurs and CPR must be administered. Are they clearing her mind? Is she even sick? Or are they experimenting to get a subject through to Phase 3?

Phase 3

phase 3 trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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