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The Gas Experiment


The Gas Experiment
Pics 69
Runtime 17min

Erin Hoffman has volunteered to participate in the first gas experiment. All she needs to do is breath deep and be monitored so the doctor can get hard data on what effects the gas has. She holds the mask and talks through it letting the camera know how she is feeling and what the gas is doing to her. Halfway through the procedure the signs of struggle start to show but she moves past it and starts to relax. But the monitors alarms sound and the doctor must revive Erin immediately. The Aed shocks her and she is given oxygen to try and stabilize her vitals. Erin slowly comes out of it. She is still talking to us and is very groggy but everything looks normal as she takes deep breaths and relaxes.

The Gas Experiment

the gas experiment trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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