Rescue Breathing 2


Rescue Breathing 2
Pics 120
Runtime 51min

Abby is in for a treadmill test to measure her lung capacity before her personal trainer Marie can get her started on her program. Maggie, the clinics registered nurse has her lay on the table and starts giving her mouth to mask to help get the oxygen moving in the lungs. Abby is then on the treadmill but only for a brief time as she begins to feel pain in her chest and lungs. Quickly the nurse gets her back to the table and begins breathing for her once she codes. Marie grabs the back board and begins to pump her chest to keep the heart moving. Maggie tries all forms of rescue breathing and delivers shocks till they get a pulse back and save abby’s life.

Rescue Breathing 2

rescue breathing 2 trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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