My Cam


Title – My Cam

Price – $9.99

Discription:159 pics – Run time – 38min.

Alice is making a web cam vid for her boyfriend when all of a sudden she takes a seizure. Her roommate rushes in and administers heavy chest compressions attempting to revive Alice. Alice gasps for air and is rushed into the ER where she takes yet another seizure. Her airway is suctioned out, CPR is in progress, and the paddles are charged. Alice’s body arches with every jolt increasing the jules one shock after another. Compressions continue on her, as the BVM is flooded with oxygen. Our three trauma nurses work on Alice.

Focused topics – Alice, seizure, cardiac patient,  mouth to mouth, CPR, Defibrillation, Electrodes, ECG, Oxygen Mask, ET Tube, BVM, BP & Steth, M2M, IV & Injection, ER, Home

My Cam

my cam trailer from john doe on Vimeo.


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