Full Cardiac Arrest 5


Full Cardiac Arrest 5
Pics 115
Runtime 32min

Juliann is rushed into the ER with chest pains. The nurses calm her down and get her on oxygen. The monitors shows her heart is throwing PVCs and needs shocked to regain a stable rhythm. The paddles analyze her heart as the nurses keep her calm. The defibrillator is charged and the shocks race through her. The anesthesia with a light sedative is prepped and the mask is sealed around her face. The sedative takes her into a semi conscious state to keep her calm through the repetitive cardioversions. The monitors then sound as a full cardiac arrest begins. CPR is started and the defibs charge and shock in this fast paced 5th installment of Full cardiac arrest.

Full Cardiac Arrest 5

FCA5 trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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