cardiovert her 6 Pcardiovert her 6 P

Cardiovert Her 6


Cardiovert Her 6
Pics 100
Runtime 28min

Noela is in the cardiac care unit getting fluids and on the monitors. She is experiencing chest pain radiating down her arm and difficulty breathing. The Nurses put her on 02 and try to get her stabilized but she is going to need cardioverted to bring her heart rhythm back to normal. The AED is attached to her chest and the shocks hit her heart. The rhythm starts to stabilize but Noela passes out and falls victim to a full cardiac arrest. CPR is started immediately and drugs are pushed to try and regain a heartbeat. The defibrillator jolts her at high levels as the monitors finally show signs of life.

Cardiovert Her 6

cardiovert her 6 trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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