The List pThe List p

The List


The List
192 pics
Run time 44min

Molly receives a call from her cardiologist saying she is the next patient on the heart transplant list. Molly and her husband Greg fly in the next day and get to their hotel room. While asleep Molly gasps for air. Greg quickly turns on the light and calls out her name. Molly is having a massive heart attack. Greg administers mouth to mouth and chest compressions on her to try and bring her back but Molly does not respond and slips into a full cardiac arrest. He hooks her up to the emergency AED and shocks her numerous times with no response. She is then on the EKG and flat lining. The EMT delivers CPR at a rapid rate, forces oxygen into her lungs, and defibrillates her. Her heartbeat comes back and she is ready for transportation to the hospital where her doctor awaits her arrival.

The List

the list trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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