Monica’s Stress Test


Title – Monica’s Stress Test

Price – $14.99

Discription: 90 pics – Run time – 35min.

The 12 lead is attached and a double IV is started for this new patient who has a stress test scheduled. The injections start as her heart beats faster and is put under stress. The chest tightens as the monitors alarm screeches through the air. Monica is slammed down and under compressions. The paddles are charged and shock her chest trying to revive her. The bag breaths for her and the nurses call out her name. But no vital signs can be heard on the patient. The tube is in place and the bag is attached. Oxygen is flooding her lungs and the defib shocks her again and again until the nurses bring the girl back to life.

Focused topics – Monica, cardiac patient, stress test, survival, CPR, Defibrillation, Electrodes, 12 Lead, Oxygen Mask, ET Tube, BVM, Exam, BP & Steth, Stress Test, IV & Injection, ER

Monica's Stress Test

monicas stress test trailer from john doe on Vimeo.


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