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Bryans Stress Test


Bryans Stress Test
Pics 69
Runtime 37min

The nurses hook the stress test patient up to many electrodes and to high pressure oxygen. As he starts to undergo the treadmill test the heart races and an arrhythmia begins. There patient falls to the floor and the AED is brought out immediately. The jolt races through the heart with no response. They take turns giving chest compressions and breathing into the mask until a pulse is restored in an intense effort to keep their patient with them. Then in the ER he crashes once again. CPR is started and defibs shock over and over but the patient will not break away from vfib. Resuscitation continues on him over the course of the film as the nurses will not give up the fight to bring him back.

Bryans Stress Test

bryans stress test trailer from john doe on Vimeo.

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